About Us

John Chuback, MD
Chuback Education was founded in 2014 by John A. Chuback, M.D. The motivation for starting the company was a sincere desire on the part of Dr. Chuback to share what he has learned in a lifelong pursuit of education and personal development.

The subject matter that we cover is varied and far-reaching. The focus of our approach is not so much on the didactic aspects of a given area of study. Our core mission is to share a philosophy of learning and encourage a lifetime of inner-growth and self-actualization. This philosophy is centered on independent study, cultivating intellectual curiosity, and nurturing a desire to become an inquisitive, thoughtful learner. Although we are heavily goal oriented and anticipate charting objective progress for each student, it must be stated clearly that we are much more intent on teaching the value of the educational process itself. Therefore, we are most interested in providing our pupils with a roadmap which will enhance the quality of their journey through life, rather than one that delineates a specific route to any particular destination. The path is unique for each of us.

Hopefully, you will find our books, audio programs, and other educational resources helpful. They have been created out of an intense passion to share what our founder has come to learn is perhaps the most beautiful and valuable of all life experiences… maturation, expansion, and strengthening of the human mind. We hope you will choose to join us in this never-ending and very rewarding pursuit.