Motivational Speaking

Dr. Chuback is an engaging, thought-provoking, and entertaining public speaker. He has been invited to speak in many cities across the United States, Inspiring attendees to be their personal best. He teaches the very learnable skill of turning lofty goals into reality. He uses an easy to master step by step process of personal development that is foolproof if faithfully applied.

John Chuback’s personal story is compelling. He will recount his fascinating life’s journey in hopes that his path will serve to blaze a trail for your future. Hear how he ascended to the top of the medical profession as a highly accomplished open heart surgeon and then switched gears to create an innovative boutique private practice. Learn leadership skills that will allow you to achieve success beyond your wildest dreams. Let him show you how to become a true expert in your area of interest and how to truly lead the field.

The Doctor’s accomplishments will inspire you to set sail for new horizons and achieve new heights with regard to your personal goals. Whether speaking to a group of students, or those already in the work force, this dynamic speaker will generate tremendous enthusiasm amongst the members of the audience. After hearing his lecture your group will be supercharged and ready to take on the ever-increasing challenges of the 21st century. Moreover, he will help you to recognize the incredible opportunities that exist on our ever-shrinking planet.

You will come to believe that there has never been a better time, or place, to live. Of all the professional responsibilities the doctor has, he has said on many occasions that public speaking and motivating others is by far the most rewarding aspect of his career.

If you are interested in booking Dr. Chuback for a speaking event, please call us for details. Hopefully, he will soon be in front of your group educating and encouraging them with humorous, invigorating, and uplifting anecdotes and advice. Expect to come away from the experience with practical tools that can be applied to the real world instantaneously.