Kaboing! Chapter Eleven | Book

For students in any stage of life, there is no greater resource than the power of a good book. A hard concept to grab when we are young, or impatient, or just generally bored by being in one place for a long time, the book is by far the greatest tool for acquiring knowledge, advice, and everything in between. Dr. Chuback’s father said it best, “the book is your best friend. It never talks back, and it is always there when you need it.”

Cameron reflects on his English Literature major in college and how confronting large novels was done. He reflects on the point that the time, 8 hours, 8 years, etc. is going to pass whether the work is done or not. Eat the elephant one bite at a time and don’t stop. Stay consistent. IT only gets done when it gets done. This podcast is not about an easy way through, it’s about doing the work.

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