Kaboing! Chapter Nine | Who

One of the requirements of the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) in accrediting residency programs is research. That means the residents of any program are required to demonstrate a commitment to ongoing surgical research if they wish to maintain their accreditation.
Being as how residents were usually bogged down with work, learning the trade, and maintaining a clear head through the process, stopping to do countless hours of research was not pleasant. Loaded with plenty of excuses as to why they should not have to comply with or complaining about the program, the proper question to ask was always “Who”. “Who” was always the problem in the equation.
It was never the “What”, “When”, “Where”, or “Why”. The people in a situation are forced to be creative in the face of adversity or they will fall behind the ones who want the favorable outcome the most.

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