Kaboing! Chapter Seven | Elephant

We talk about Lionel Richie, American Idol, and how you just have to eat the elephant one bite at a time. When trying to work on anything in any aspect of life one must pick their moments to shine the brightest. It’s always important to work through little by little until reaching the end of the task.

In many cases, the difference between success and failure is becoming overwhelmed partly through the task at hand. Whether the task at hand is learning the difficult solo in a song or completing medical school, the concept is always the same. The best thing to do is take the task one step at a time, stay consistent, persist through with meaning and passion, work through the bad parts and really enjoy the great parts.

Remember, if going through medical school seems like it will just take too much time to complete, the time is going to pass whether you work the task through to the end or not. Why not work for that goal?

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