Kaboing! Chapter Ten | Yesterday

Welcome everybody. Hello, this is Dr. John. Chuback. Hope you’re having a great day. We are getting ready to start another podcast episode for Chuback Education based on my book Kaboing!, 50 ideas that will springboard you to academic greatness. Today, once again, I have as my co-host and my guest, my son Cameron Chuback. Cam, How are you doing? I’m doing well. Hi everybody. So, today we’re going to look at chapter 10, which is entitled yesterday. Any thoughts about this chapter, Cam?

I think it’s a great chapter. It’s rather pithy. It’s short, but definitely packs a punch and the message and it’s very important. It seems definitely, try to live in the present. Definitely don’t live in yesterday and don’t live in tomorrow or the future rather. I think that for me especially, I think the emphasis is on not living in yesterday. You know, yesterday’s fully gone. There’s nothing you can do about it. The future is one thing in a way, it’s going to happen. You could do something to affect it I suppose you have to do it in real time today in the present. You can’t do it in the future. Living in the past, living in yesterday I think is truly just a total waste of time. And I like how you emphasize that by naming the chapter that.

Right. You know, one of my favorite mentors, Bob Proctor talks about the hourglass and I have an hourglass on my desk, which was something I got from Bob, I, I, I was inspired by him to buy a beautiful brass hourglass, and he talks about the fact that the sand at the top of the glass is the future and nobody knows what it holds in the sand at the bottom of the glass is the past and it’s already gone and there’s nothing that anybody can do about that. It’s the moment right at the, at the narrowest part of the hourglass, in the waist, right in the middle where the sand is slipping through. That’s the present; that’s the moment that we live in. And it’s that tiny, tiny area of the hourglass that we have to focus our attention because yes, yesterday is gone.
Although God willing, if you keep your health and so on and so forth, many tomorrows will come. When they get here, they’re now. So the only thing we ever have to deal with is the Now we can only ever deal with the now even in planning for the future, the only thing we can deal with is the now and in making today’s podcast, for example, it’s the end of the day. I just had a busy day in the office treating patients all day long. I’m a bit tired and I have a meeting with my friend Dr Levin later in the day to play some, some tennis. So I was getting ready to get out of here and Cam said, Hey dad, let’s just, um, listen to what the chapter says and take advantage of the moment. Let’s quickly put down a podcast and get it done for, for our listeners.

So that was our motivation to actually get this chapter done, right. Cam? It is indeed. With regard to education, the big take-home message here, and we’re going to keep it short today, but the big take-home message here is doing what you’re supposed to do when you’re supposed to be doing it. That’s one of the great definitions of discipline. Doing what you’re supposed to do when you’re supposed to do it. Do not fall into the trap of waiting until the last night to write the paper, waiting until the last night to study for the exam, putting off homework until the last moment or blowing it off all altogether. When you have a book to read, approach it like eating an elephant, one page at a time. If it’s a 200-page book and you have 10 days to read it, 20 pages a day every day.

Take advantage of the now. If you have an exam coming up in a week, don’t wait until the night before study for half an hour every day leading up to the exam so that you’re thoroughly and fully prepared and if you encounter difficulty or problems, questions that you might have, things you want on this, you don’t understand, you still have plenty of time to bring it to your teacher, professor, et Cetera, and ask those questions. So everything in real-time is one of our great mantras here at Chuback Education. In my practice, Chuback Medical Group and with my a nutraceutical company, BiosupportMD, we focus always on getting things done in real time. We’re not about the guy who says, “you know what we should do? You know what you should do? You know what you ought to do? You know what we should…you know, do some time…?”. When we have an idea, we act on it immediately and get it finished.

We’re going to talk more about this concept and this idea in future chapters. All different ways of looking at the same thing, which is don’t procrastinate, don’t put things off, deal with them at the moment, in real time right now because, frankly, now is all we ever have. Okay, guys? Sounds great, dad. All right, well thanks for tuning in everybody. There’s more great stuff to come. Hope you liked this one. It was a short and sweet but very powerful. Live in the now everything in real time and we will see you next time. Thanks a lot. Bye. Bye.

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