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Published Books

Dr. Chuback has a growing collection of published works. These include motivational creations devoted to his experiences leading up to becoming a Board Certified surgeon as well as reflections on his favorite Thought Leaders. Check out the growing collection below.

Straight A Handbook by John Chuback, MD

The Straight A Handbook

The 50 Most Powerful Secrets For Ultimate Success In And Out Of The Classroom


 The ideas, techniques and philosophies shared here are not only applicable to the classroom, but to the workplace, the business world and interpersonal relationships as well. Almost everything taught in these pages are ideas which arose from real life experiences which the doctor encountered on his journey to becoming a successful surgeon, entrepreneur, inventor and author. He was fortunate to have been the student of numerous highly accomplished individuals, each of whom possessed a wealth of knowledge which they generously shared. It is his great pleasure to pass these treasures along to anyone who is serious about becoming their best self. The essential message here is that there are proven and reproducible steps which if taken will allow anyone to ascend to great heights. This book should not be simply read through once and cast aside, but rather, studied seriously and gone back over again and again until the practices become habitual in the daily life of the reader. It is Dr. Chuback’s very strong belief that if one were to master even 10 of the 50 skills put forth here, that the student’s success would not only be extremely likely, but practically inevitable.

Make Your Own Damn Cheese

In this charming fable, Dr. John Chuback coaches with simplicity and clarity, explaining how to master the mazes of life where so many people wander, drift, and underachieve. He is a gifted guide, revealing the awesome power and potential we each carry within that can deliver quantum leaps in performance.”

– Price Pritchett, PhD


Make Your Own Damn Cheese is a deceptively powerful work of non-fiction cloaked in the disguise of a charming and easy to read fable about a young mouse named Earl who lives in a maze. The book is in a sense the third part in a series of books which takes the philosophy of personal excellence and success training to new heights. The general structure of this no-nonsense and immediately implementable work is written with a stylistic nod to Spencer Johnson’s Who Moved My Cheese and Deepak Malhotra’s I Moved Your Cheese.

Collected Poems


John Chuback lives and works in northern New Jersey, just outside of New York City. He has been fascinated and compelled by the creative arts and fine arts since childhood. His father, is a great afficionado of classical Persian poetry. This passion for poetry was passed along in childhood by way of verbal tradition and had a powerful impact on Chuback’s early formative years. Of particular attraction was the imaginative potential of poetry and the many directions, forms and styles it could take. The freedom from constrictive rules and excessive structure made this form of self-expression particularly seductive from the beginning. Later, in high school and college, Chuback had the opportunity to study poetry more formally. He worked for several years under the tutelage of Professor Vartkis Kinoian while an undergraduate student at Fairleigh Dickinson University. During this wonderful stretch of time, personal style and voice were developed through writing, criticism, and recitation. In this collection, John Chuback shares selected works from the past 30 years or so in an effort to express some of his personal feelings and memories to anyone who may be interested in poems.